Dannon Teams Up with Cam Newton to Debut Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt for Men and Women

Dannon Teams Up with Cam Newton to Debut Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt for Men and Women

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Dannon’s new, gender neutral yogurt aims to bring gender equality to the yogurt market

Oikos Triple Zero is currently rolling-out nationwide as the newest “protein snack” for men and women

Dannon has teamed up with Panthers quarterback Cam Newton to launch a “first-of-its-kind” yogurt that offers consumers a protein-heavy snack that also aims to balance the yogurt market, which is currently “disproportionately consumed by women as compared to men,” the company announced in a press release.

Oikos Triple Zero is available as of December 20 and continues to roll-out nationwide in six flavors — vanilla, coconut crème, strawberry, banana crème, mixed berry, and peach — and was created to help expand Dannon’s consumer base, which is predominantly female at the moment.

Oikos Triple Zero contains 15 grams of protein and zero grams of added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or fat.

To that end, Dannon’s advertising campaign will debut on January 12 and explore “integrated partnerships with television networks with a high male viewership,” the company announced. “The brand will also be a presenting sponsor of various NFL Network shows and plans to activate full NFL.com takeovers.”

“As an athlete, I pay close attention to what I eat — whether it’s between meals or after working out,” announced Newton. “It’s funny because I really do find myself searching the grocery store for new protein snack options. Oikos Triple Zero was quite honestly right up my alley — not only because of its nutritional benefits, but because it tastes good too.”

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