Hard Boiled Eggs with a Soft Center Over Potatoes

Hard Boiled Eggs with a Soft Center Over Potatoes

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  • 2 potatoes, peeled and diced
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 Pinch of cayenne pepper
  • 1 Tablespoon white wine vinegar
  • 8 eggs


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Toss the potatoes with olive oil, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper. Spread the potatoes on a foil-lined baking sheet and roast for about 20 minutes or until tender.

Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil and add the vinegar. Place the eggs in the boiling water and cook for four to six minutes, depending on how runny you like your egg. Immediately remove the eggs from the water and place in a bowl of ice water. Once cool enough to handle, peel the shell. Place the eggs on top of the prepared potatoes or toast and enjoy.

Nutritional Facts


Calories Per Serving231

Folate equivalent (total)58µg14%

Riboflavin (B2)0.4mg25.2%

What to Make with Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggs. They&rsquore a staple in any kitchen. They&rsquore delicious, nutritious, easy to cook, and super versatile! So much so that they can be used to elevate almost any dish.

For instance, don&rsquot know how to amp up your salad, sandwich, or burrito? Add some hard-boiled eggs!

You&rsquoll be surprised at how many dishes taste even better with hard-boiled eggs. Try one of these 15 egg recipes for your next breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Preheat oven to 200 C/400 F/gas 6.

Melt 1 oz./25 g. butter in a large, roomy frying pan. Add the finely sliced leeks, season generously with salt and a little pepper. Cook for 5 mins on medium heat until the leeks are just beginning to soften, take care to not burn.

Raise the heat slightly, stir in the flour, cook for 2 minutes stirring continuously. Still stirring, slowly add the milk, continue to cook for about 2 minutes to make a thick, creamy sauce. Simmer on a low heat for 5 minutes then add half the cheese, stir then check the seasoning.

Generously butter an oven-proof dish, deep enough to take all the ingredients, but not too wide, you want thick layers of potatoes and sauce. Firstly add the mashed potatoes, spread to cover the base of the dish in a thick layer. Neatly arrange the egg quarters gently pushing each into the soft mashed potatoes. Pour the leek sauce over.

Mix the remaining cheese with the breadcrumbs and sprinkle over the sauce. Bake in the preheated oven for 20 mins or until bubbling and a golden-brown crust on top.

Serve as a dish on its own or as a side dish for meats, particularly delicious with bacon chops.

How to Make Soft-Boiled Eggs

Heat about 3 inches of water in a small saucepan over medium heat until boiling. Once the water is boiling, reduce the heat until it's barely at a simmer, add the eggs gently and cook for 6 minutes. Set a timer!

Remove the eggs with a slotted spoon and place them in the ice bath. Let the eggs cool slightly before peeling. Instead of peeling, you can slice the top off and just use the egg yolk for dipping toast sticks---or you can peel the whole egg and serve it similarly to a poached egg.

I have no shame when it comes to my love for eggs. I straight up adore them. I could eat eggs everyday and be thrilled. I could possibly eat eggs for every meal of the day and also be thrilled, but I don&rsquot want to make any promises. And the best part is: I like eggs in every way!

If I had to choose a favorite, runny yolks will always take the cake. Although, give me a hard-boiled egg and I&rsquoll gladly take it any day. I think I&rsquom just super big on the yolk because it can totally transform a meal. Breakfast, lunch or dinner&mdashit works. The yolk often provides a delicious sauce-like drizzle to whatever it&rsquos sitting on, whether it be pasta, a burger, a sandwich or roasted vegetables. Things don&rsquot get much more delicious that that.

Before I discovered soft-boiled eggs, my go-to method was poaching. I haven&rsquot found poaching an egg to be difficult, but the one thing that can make me a bit squeamish is an undercooked white. I don&rsquot know. It makes me crazy. Gives me the willies. Just not my thing. I love a runny yolk, but that white must be cooked!

So naturally, when I discovered soft-boiled eggs, I was all, &ldquoWell this will forever be my go-to egg.&rdquo And it kind of has been. It&rsquos not quite as easy to eat on toast as a fried or poached egg is. But do you know what&rsquos better? Instead of bringing the egg to the toast, you bring the toast to the egg. YES. It becomes its own little dipper! It&rsquos one of my favorite things in life.

How Long Can You Store Hard Boiled Eggs

According to Foodsafety.gov, you can store hard boiled eggs in the fridge for up to a week in their shell. Most say that if you peel the eggs, you should eat them within a few days. But if you’ve watched my meal prep video where I make soft boiled eggs ahead of time, you’ll see I frequently store peeled eggs for up to three days no problem. Do what you feel comfortable with.

It should also be noted that eggs should never be stored in the refrigerator door, due to frequent temperature changes. Always store your eggs in the main part of the fridge.

The components in this recipe sound a little out there, but trust us.

Recipes you want to make. Cooking advice that works. Restaurant recommendations you trust.

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Thank you for hanging out with us in The Farm Stand Kitchen! Today we made our version of the popular coffee shop drink called The Pink Drink! If you would like more of our delicious recipes, check out our cookbook series on our website! Thanks for supporting small business!

1 1/2 cups quartered fresh strawberries
1 cup cold filtered water
1 Tablespoon Wild Strawberry Crystal Light drink powder
1 1/2 Tablespoons Agave Nectar, or other desired sweetener
2 1/4 cups unsweetened Coconut Milk
1/4 cup freeze dried strawberries, optional
Reddi Wip Cold Foam

Add the strawberries, water and powdered drink mix to a blender, pulse till combined.
Add agave nectar and coconut milk. Blend for 8 seconds.

Pour Pink Drink over ice filled glasses, stir in several freeze dried strawberries. Add cold foam to the top and garnish with a couple strawberries, if desired. Makes 4 servings in a tall 12 ounce glass. Enjoy!

The brand on the freeze dried strawberries is Natierra.
The Cold Foam is the brand Reddi Wip
Agave Nectar brand- Madhava
Organic Coconut Milk brand- So Delicious

How to make poached eggs and potatoes

It’s fairly common that Alex and I will do “brinner”: that is, breakfast for dinner! And this eggs and potatoes recipe is exactly what we crave: sweet potatoes and red potatoes that are roasted until crisp, then topped with an ooey gooey egg yolk. The yellow yolk spills out of the white, creating a sort of sauce for the entire dish. It’s so, so good: and of course it’s perfect for brunch too! But you’ll more often see Alex and I making this for dinner fare.

This poached eggs and potatoes recipe is a play on a potato hash using two types of potatoes: sweet potatoes and red potatoes. The contrast of the two makes for a perfect savory and sweet combination. To make the potatoes, you simply roast them both in a very hot oven, drizzled with a bit of olive oil and kosher salt. It makes for the perfect crispy potato and you don’t have to spend hours slaving over the stove. Top it with a poached egg, and you’re in heaven. See below for our poached egg recipe!

10 Healthy Sides To Pair With Eggs

Published: Jan 27, 2020 · Modified: Jul 8, 2020 by Bailey · This post may contain affiliate links.

Hi, my name is Bailey and you should know by now that I am very into eggs. I like them scrambled, fried, hard boiled, soft boiled and poached. I love eggs with a side of veggies and I am here to share my top 10 favorite healthy sides to pair with your eggs.

Eggs are great source of protein and they are relativity inexpensive (yes, even the pasture-raised high quietly eggs are not that expensive. Doing the math, a $5 carton of eggs comes out to only 41 cents per egg. Much cheaper and healthier that those pricy protein bars.

I love to have eggs and veggies after my workouts. I eat them so often for breakfast or lunches during the week that I need to change it up as much as possible to avoid getting sick of them.

There are so many sides you can whip up with your eggs. Every time I post my egg pates I have people comment about never thinking of that combination so I decided to make a little blog post for those of you who need a little more pep' in your egg side step.

Egg styles

There is poached, scrambled, hard scrambled, soft scrambled clouds (yes egg clouds) hard boiled, soft boiled, over easy, over medium, fried, omelettes, sunny side, baked and basted. Whew that's a lot. If you don't like eggs - perhaps you just haven't found your style of egg yet. I won't get into which I dislike on that list, but let me assure you there are a few styles I won't eat.

The sides on this blog post are good with ANY style egg. I show them with a lot of soft scrambled plates because that is what I am currently into but let me assure you there are no limits when it comes to which eggs pair with which sides.

How to make perfect boiled eggs

How to make perfect boiled eggs? Here’s what we do: Place them in a pan and cover with an inch of water. As soon as the water comes to a boil, turn off the heat! The eggs sit for about 15 minutes to let them cook fully through.Then transfer them to an ice bath for another 15 minutes. Then, you can peel them immediately. Here’s our Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs recipe.

If you have an Instant Pot, you can also make hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot! This is our favorite method because it is totally hands off. Here’s our Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs recipe.